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Dr. Jacqueline Minor is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Minor Consulting Group, LLC.  Dr. Minor has progressive HR experience in diverse roles with a deep background leading teams in union and non-union environments for the airlines, veterinary services, financial services, manufacturing, and oil, gas, and energy sectors.  She is a talented relationship builder known for a transformational leadership style, strong business acumen, and solid work ethic.  She is a Myers-Briggs, Predictive Index, Hogan, and DISC practitioner.

Her areas of expertise include:

Dr. Minor was awarded a PhD and Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Capella University and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of Houston. She holds a PHR certification and received certifications in Human Resource Management from Cornell University and Purdue University. She is the author of the study Factors Involved in Job Stress and Organizational Commitment: A Multivariate Investigation available on ProQuest and the inspirational book Navigating This Journey Called Life: My Thoughts, Experiences, and Life Lessons available on Amazon.

Dr. Minor’s research and professional interests align with resolving complex workplace issues through analyzing, designing, and improving workplace programs. Through critical thinking and the use of a strategic lens, she has identified gaps in varying processes and devised protocols and workflows to improve efficiencies in such areas as workforce planning, hiring and retention, payroll, and data analysis. In addition, she developed leadership and employee engagement initiatives to resolve communication style gaps between management and employees.

As an Industrial and Organizational Psychology Consultant, Dr. Minor consults on various projects for clients such as Virginia Tech, YouthForce NOLA,  Cowen Institute, Capstone Performance Solutions, and Corporate Internship Leadership Institute.  She presented on the topic Attracting & Retaining a Diverse Workforce at the National Science Foundation-Engineering Research Center-Smart One Water Workforce Development Workshop and a contributing author to the white paper that resulted from this workshop.

Dr. Minor strongly believes in working for the greater good serving in various capacities for multiple associations:
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