Minor Consulting Group is a Human Resources and Industrial and Organizational consulting firm.  We offer HR solutions to small and mid-sized organizations along with other services such as:

Industrial/Organizational Consulting

Professional Development

Career Coaching

I/O Psychology Student Mentorship

Minor Consulting Group's philosophy is to improve profitability for our clients, increase productivity and retention by creating positive employee experiences, and reduce absenteeism by encouraging a healthy work/life balance lifestyle while supporting the mental and physical well-being of employees!    


To achieve a reduction in workplace issues, support mental well-being, and create agile work environments that can sustain during an economic or global crisis.


To recommend ethical business practices, advocate for mental wellness, and promote adaptability to manage change.


  • Respect: Always treat each other with dignity and embrace diversity.

  • Integrity: Always follow through on your commitments.

  • Honesty: Always tell the truth.

  • Perseverance: Work hard and never give up.

  • Servant Leadership: Always care for our clients, nurture our community, and show compassion toward one another.

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