Minor Consulting Group (MCG) is a woman-owned, Human Resources consulting firm that uses an evidence-based approach to identify gaps or trends, recommend best practices, and implement strategic and innovative solutions for the most complex workplace issues. Our dynamic team of Human Resource and Industrial/Organizational practitioners assist small to mid-sized organizations with any HR need to help them succeed in growing their businesses.

About Minor Consulting Group

We offer innovative HR solutions to small and mid-sized organizations along with other services such as:


To achieve a reduction in workplace issues, support mental well-being, and create agile work environments that can sustain during an economic or global crisis.


To recommend ethical business practices, advocate for mental wellness, and promote adaptability to manage change.

Core Values

Our Team

Dr. Jacqueline Minor
Principal Consultant
Dr. Lisa Brady
Juliette Nelson
Iya Meyer
Dejannae Lang
Associate Consultant
Kaitlyn Williams
HR Apprentice