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Minor Consulting Group has a new Travel Consulting division! Are you interested in traveling to an international destination but not quite sure where to start? Travel Diva Concierge is happy to help and has over a decade of experience working in the travel industry traveling to 20 countries around the globe. She is eager to offer travel tips and need to know facts to enhance your travel experience. 

Subscribe to our Travel Diva Concierge YouTube Travel Vlog Channel to view videos on domestic and international travel as well as the How to Navigate New Orleans Like A Local series.


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Don’t have an HR department and need a diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy?  Interested in talent optimization that uses a science-based approach to align your business strategy with your people strategy?

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Career Coaching & Interview Preparedness

Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss a career coaching plan or to discuss one of our interview preparedness services.

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I/O Psychology Student Mentorship

Master’s or PhD students specializing in I/O Psychology will receive mentorship and guidance during their journey.

Students can explore and discuss concepts for course papers, white papers, articles, or dissertation manuscripts.

Comprehensive exam preparation coaching sessions.

Learn how to select the right research methodology, discuss theories, and how to search and review scholarly literature.​

Submit your dissertation manuscript for review.

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